When I learned that I would become a father, I started to wonder what it means to create or to disintegrate. What control do we have over these phenomena and on what universal scale can men have an impact? I started to worry about whether my son would be as reckless and heedless of his own safety as I am. Would he inherit these genes from me, his co-creator? This project is my attempt to express my admiration and bewilderment in the face of these phenomena and my insecurity about my future role as a father and the responsibilities it entails.

   Now that a little over a year has passed since my son’s birth I can at least say that I’ve managed to keep him safe during this crucial period of his life. I’ve provided him with homegrown food (a luxury these days, which I protected from mole crickets and a multitude of other pests) and shielded him from hornets and other dangerous insects. But the thing that scares me the most - teaching this little man how to be a good human being - is yet to come, so all aspects of my insecurity remain intact.

installation view, City Museum Belgrade (part of “The Pleasures of Love” October Salon, Belgrade 2016)