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Getting Back In Shape

 With the ratification of the Paris Agreement in 2016, the world appears to be on its way to becoming a better place. Sadly I am a little sceptical about it yielding a truly positive outcome (especially after the recent presidential elections in the USA). The agreement itself has no truly legally binding mechanism to reduce emissions. For me this is merely a symbolic gesture, without any real world-changing results.

Personally I would like to try and contribute in my own way to this global effort to limit emissions by “trapping” fossil fuel and restoring it to its original shape, i.e. plankton. For this purpose I am 3D printing replicas of plankton in translucent plastic (another petroleum by-product) and filling them with crude oil. The models are printed at approximately 13.8 x 3.2 x 2.4 cm, roughly on a scale of 10000:1.

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